Admission Process

To apply for enrolment with Della International College Pty Ltd, you will need to complete the following steps:
  • Complete an Application for Enrolment form. The participants for each program offered by Della International College will be selected in a manner that reflects access and equity principles. Completion of the student application form does not imply that Della International College will make an offer to the prospective student.
  • Attach certified copies of documents as per the entry requirements. If an applicant cannot produce a satisfactory IELTS or equivalent score, and there are doubts about the English language skills to cope in an academic environment, the applicant will be advised to enrol in an English (ESL or ELICOS) course, at their own additional expense, for an appropriate duration until the student achieves an IELTS score of 5.5. The cost of an additional English program is not included in the fees that have been quoted.
You will be notified in writing of the receipt of your application. If your application is successful, you will receive a Letter of Offer with the formal acceptance and agreement. Applicants wishing to accept the offer must pay the fee requested in the letter of offer and complete and sign the written agreement and return it to the College. Fees and charges to accept the offer of a place at Della International College Pty Ltd must be made in Australian dollars by bank cheque or international bank draft. When your payment is received, your enrolment at Della International College Pty Ltd. will be confirmed in writing and provide you with an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (e-COE) which is required for your visa application. Students who have enrolled or have Coe’s from another provider will not be enrolled until they have completed the first six months of their principal course or have a letter of release from the provider of the principal course. This will be checked for all onshore students before any offer is made by the College. (refer to student transfer policy for further details) Prior to a student enrolling, fees may be altered without notice. Once a student has completed enrolment, fees will not be subject to change for the normal duration of the course. If a course length is extended by the student then any fee increases will be required to be paid for the extended component of the course.
Only send the application fee with the completed student application form.
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